Smart Living Learning & Earning with Autism

SLLEA offers a comprehensive and individualized training program in a structured environment for those with ASD. Our program focuses on technology, employment, academic, and social communication skills training. We help to support the individual's day to day function in independent living and support their ability to live with other people. The Program allows for three applicants to live in a house together.

Who We Are

SLLEA is a program generated towards those with an ASD. Looking to develop academic, careers, independent living and communication skills. This program has developed technology skills training to enable the individual to live independently. The applicant would live in a house with two other roommates who are also looking to develop similar skills. The program is developed to fit the participant's needs, skills, and personal goals.

What We Do

We know that people want to feel independent & develop confidence in themselves in a way that enables them to navigate the culture and be recognized as competent whole people. SLLEA is the first program to create an individualized training program which addresses all of the applicant's individuals needs.

This programs focus is on technology training to assist in employment, academic, independent living, and social communication skills development. Facilitation is also provided to better enable roommates to strengthen communication by addressing issues with one another in a constructive/productive manner. This helps the facilitator to assess how each participant is progressing in the program.

Why It Works

Training is based on an individual level to help insure the applicant's success in the program. We also provide a structured environment which is a key component for success of those who have an ASD. On-going assessments are conducted to evaluate the needs and accomplishments of the individual.


Currently, there are other programs that teach behavioral and/or academic skills to children with autism: however, SLLEA is the first program that brings together a multi-tiered, individualized, training program that addresses all of the person's individualized needs. This way, the participant is much more likely to achieve independent living, academic, and career success. SLLEA ties together technology, academic goals, and social communication skills training in a way that other programs do not.